The services provided by BES range from engineering, construction to industrial park development. We have participated in many government’s public construction projects and built residential and commercial property on our own. We have also extended our expertise overseas to assist other countries in developing and establishing new cities by means of our professional techniques.




Overseas business

We assess the needs of urban development in Southeast Asia in cooperation with the government's policy with the aim of developing various infrastructure projects to expand the fields we serve, keeping abreast of the local urban renewal trends, introducing the IOT model to establish a sustainable operation and management model, and forming an alliance with Taiwan's industries, to enhance the potential for industrial development effectively.



Construction and development

With professional technologies and extensive experience, we have participated in high-end residential and large community development and construction projects, etc. We aim to create a safe and warm home by means of our leading, solid, and complete capabilities.



Industrial park development

BES assists the government in developing industries actively and promoting local prosperity and development. We work to develop industrial parks in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Incentive Investment Act to alleviate the urgent demand for industrial land.



Construction engineering

BES has been operating for more than 60 years to date. From the Ten Major Construction Projects, the Six-Year National Construction Project to the i-Taiwan 12 Projects, our services cover public and private construction projects, and the scope of our contracted services includes bridge, tunnel, port, airport, the MRT, high-tech plant, hospital, elaborate residential property projects, and other projects, for which we have received extremely high reviews.


BES has decades of experience in public engineering with industry-leading, solid, and complete professional techniques, and therefore we are able to provide services at all stages of the life cycle of construction projects, and have developed the reputation that won clients’ trust.


BES-Shui Yen

Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 1 Improvement Project Project-Curtain and Interior Decoration Project

The CE730B section standard project of the east extension of Bannan Line of the Taipei Metropolitan Mass Rapid Transit System

Zhangbin Water Surface Solar Power Plant Construction Project-Equipment Platform Project

Intercontinental Container Center Phase II Project Plan Seawall and Breakwater Project

Dajiaxi Bridge Work Standard

Dalin Power Plant Renewal and Reconstruction Plan-CV11 Ash Pond Related Projects

Zengwen Reservoir Anti-silt Tunnel Project

Yonghe Huanhe Expressway

Shimen Reservoir

Daan River Zhuolan to Sanyi Access Road Project of Miaoli County