Tao Zhu Yin Yuan


Project Highlights

  • Artistic Value

    The world’s first rotating landmark “artistic” residential building
    Designed by ecological architect Vincent Callebaut
    Combines Western scientific “DNA double helix structure” with Eastern “Tai Chi” elements in design
    Perfect manifestation of the integration of structural mechanics and aesthetics
    Each floor rotates 4.5 degrees upwards, totaling 90 degrees rotation for the entire building
    Selected as the sole residential project in CNN’s featured report, “Shifting skylines: The 9 new buildings set to define cities
    in 2016”

    Artistic Value
  • Structural Durability Value

    Steel Structure
    Entire building utilizes SD590 high-strength steel
    Parts of the building use imported high-strength steel KBSA630, which was used in the construction of Tokyo Skytree (Japan)
    48 sets of EPS seismic insulator pads – the same brand as used by NASA and Apple HQ
    Seismic isolation system designed for earthquakes with a return period of 2,500 years
    Withstands earthquakes of magnitude 7 or above, maintaining flexibility and avoiding plastic deformation
    Earthquake resistance equivalent to a nuclear power plant

    Structural Durability Value
  • Ecological Garden Value

    Green ecological environment with plenty of beneficial phytoncides
    Over 23,000 trees and shrubs, absorbing 130 tCO of carbon dioxide annually
    Urban forest covering over 6,611sqm
    Habitat for Taiwan blue magpies, squirrels, frogs, koi fish, and fairy pitta birds
    Natural stone waterfalls emit negative ions when combined with water vapor and tree scents
    Waterfall temperature lowers outdoor temperature by 8 to 9 degrees during high summer
    Thoughtfully designed stream for safe play of young children
    The best ecological space to enjoy nature for generations to come

    Ecological Garden Value
  • Safety and Privacy Value

    Ambulances can reach residences for emergency rescue while maintaining residents’ privacy
    Unique 270-degree ‘island-hopping’ escape route
    Each residential unit has a safe room and multiple secure passages
    Emergency helipad on the rooftop for helicopter landings
    Curtain wall tested to withstand wind pressure of up to 450 kg/sqm to prevent damage from strong winds
    Equipped with two flood walls at the perimeter based on Taipei’s estimated flood level with a return period of 200 years

    Safety and Privacy Value
  • Embodying Tao Zhu Gong’s Spirit of Benefiting Society

    Triple the construction time and cost
    Creating a vertical forest masterpiece residence
    Promoting tree planting on every floor at high-elevation
    Carbon absorption to combat global warming and climate change
    Encouraging the business community to spread Tao Zhu Gong’s spirit of loyalty, benevolence, wisdom, and philanthropy worldwide.

    Embodying Tao Zhu Gong’s Spirit of Benefiting Society

Project Description

  • Project Name:Tao Zhu Yin Yuan
  • Project Area:Xinyi District, Taipei City
  • Project Type:New Residential Building
  • Land Area:2,468.4 ping (approx. 8160 square meters)
  • Floor Plan:21 floors above ground / 4 floors below ground
  • Unit Layout:2 residential units per floor, totaling 40 units
  • Structural Design:Steel Structure
  • Location:No. 68, Xinyi District, Taipei City

Geographical Location

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