Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

  • Employee Communication and Rights Protection

    Employee Communication and Rights Protection

    The union set up BES Union Code and BES Union Implementation Bylaw according to the Labor Union Act and Enforcement Rules of Labor Union Act; employees of BES then vote union representatives according to the BES Union Congress Organization Rules; these reps then vote directors, alternate directors, supervisors and alternate supervisors in accordance with the "BES union director and supervisor election guidelines"; the union shall hold regular director meeting and congress meeting (attended by relevant operation unit head) for communication and coordination among the employers and employees and jointly protect the rights and interests of employees.

  • Labor Safety

    Labor Safety

    To prevent employees from occupational injury or death BES has set up and publicized regulations and systems including the "Safety and health and environment protection policy", "Safety and health and environment and safety protection management guidelines", "Industrial safety and health training guidelines", "Precautions against natural disasters", "Employee physical and health exam guidelines" and "Safety protection management guidelines" in the regulation page on the BES website; BES also holds promotion, lectures and inspection program from time to time.

  • Employee Welfare Committee

    Employee Welfare Committee

    Set up "Employee welfare committee BES foundation" along with "Employee welfare committee BES foundation donation code", "Employee welfare committee BES foundation operation bylaws", "Employee welfare committee encouraging construction material scrap collection and sorting precautions", "Employee welfare committee BES foundation scholarship guidelines" and "Employee welfare committee BES foundation employee entertainment program promotion guidelines" according to the "Employee welfare guidelines" for the committee's conducting individual welfare and entertainment measures, e.g. the employee welfare incentives at Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, and Mid-Autumn Festival each year.

  • Retirement System

    Retirement System

    BES has set up "Workers' retirement reserve funds supervision committee organization regulation" and "Staff pension, relief payment, and layoff guidelines" according to the Labor Standard Act and the Regulations for the Allocation and Management of the Workers' Retirement Reserve Funds; the "Workers' retirement reserve funds supervision committee" is set up to supervise pension reserve funds' provision and management as well as to conduct the pension, relief payment, and layoff relevant operations.
    Retirement Benefits Plan:
    Our company follows the "Labor Standards Act" and "Labor Pension Reserve Fund Allocation and Management Regulations", establishing a "Labor Pension Reserve Fund Supervisory Committee" to oversee pension fund allocation and management, and legally handles retirement, severance, and pension matters for colleagues.